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 In 1985, an unknown enemy brought about the apocalypse and subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union, turning the entire country into an uncharted post-apocalyptic wasteland where survival was the top priority. In the case of surviving after a devastating radiation outbreak, the world became a desolate and dangerous place. Violence, hunger, and disease reign supreme now, as the world has been swept by zombies and mutants, and you, one of the few survivors, must search for your family in this chaos.

The evil presence of mutant creatures lies around every corner, preying on the remnants of humanity. These abominations possess a chilling ability to imitate, blending seamlessly with the destructive environment. You must navigate through this wasteland, armed only with your survival skills and intelligence, in a lonely battle for survival. Every step is met with a chilling and terrifying atmosphere, where destruction and chaos have become the new norm.

In this survival simulator game, you have to do everything you can to survive. Nuclear war and a deadly virus epidemic (even more terrifying than any zombie virus) have gripped the city, and you're the only survivor left. It's up to you to use your skills, intelligence, and weapons to fight the enemy and save yourself from the fallout. You need to find allies and strategize to survive in this abandoned world ruled by mutants.

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Day R Survival's RPG-like gameplay will plunge you into a wasteland after the apocalypse that will test your survival skills. You need to scavenge for food, gather resources, craft weapons to defend yourself from the enemy. Explore the dark days of the apocalypse and fight to survive in this world where there is no way to die.

Endless Possibilities

Day R features over 100 crafting recipes and multi-level character leveling systems. Enjoy the best RPG mechanics as you gain skills and ammo. You'll have to learn not only mechanics and chemistry, but also fend off mutants and build zombies and fortresses to survive eventually.

Exciting missions and multiplayer mode

Your path to survival involves allies who can help you complete exciting missions. You can even join forces in an online multiplayer game. By chatting, exchanging items, and joint battles, you can find new friends in this apocalyptic wasteland where the origin of mutation lies in the wake of deadly radiation.

Hardcore Mode

This wasteland is one of the most exciting survival games you'll ever play! Survival requires a self-challenge and you will be put to the test. Stay alive against all odds and fight for your family in deserted cities to survive. Will you be able to beat hunger, viruses, and radiation? It's time to find out!


- The game is available online and offline.
- Multiplayer survival mode to play online with friends.
- Choose the difficulty of the adventure: sandbox or real life.
- Multi-level system to create and level up characters.
- Dynamic maps, generated from enemies and loot.
- The realism and atmosphere of life after the war.

Overall, Day R Survival is an exciting multiplayer game that combines the best elements of survival games, RPGs, and simulations. Fighting zombies, mutants, and other players' creatures to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where the rules no longer apply is dangerous and exciting.

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Survive, craft, and emerge triumphant amid the most realistic uncharted post-apocalyptic open world game you have ever seen in Day R - a last shelter of survival in a world ravaged by apocalypse!

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