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Camera360 Photo Editor & Selfie

It has been downloaded by more than 1 billion people around the world!
The camera app lets you be who you really want to be!
Celebrities from all over the world are used, which is essential for selfies.
20 years of dedication to photography techniques, providing you with the greatest decorative experience.


[Soft Skin]
Make your skin soft and ultra smooth. Say goodbye to your old self!

[Get a small face]
Great as the work of a professional cosmetologist. 21 partial modification, no trace of PS.

[The shape of his face and body]
Shape where you want, how you want! You can protect parts that you don't want to edit. Becoming beautiful can be very easy.

[One-touch beauty]
With a single click and your photo becomes something completely different! Forget about problems. One touch can really turn you into something absolutely beautiful.

[Magic Sky]
Say goodbye to cloudy skies. Draw the color of the sky in your own style. Anime heaven, dream sky, however you want!

[Make your own style]
Edit your photo like a painting! Use the "Great Artist" filter and anyone can be an artist.

[Anime Effect]
Try the animation filter and make an image that no one else can make!

[Be the star of the movie]
From cinema and B&N to colours, everything you ask for is here. Try our film filters and be who you want to be.


[High Quality Filter]
More than 300 candidates! We have everything you want, from retro, black and white, HDR, Lomo, to Hong Kong style!

[Natural Makeup]
Including the main menu and submenu, there are over 30 makeup filters! Customize your favorite style and color as you like and make your own!

[Nice poster]
Super Kauai stickers going up! With intelligent facial recognition, not only will your face be captured, but your expression will also be captured! You can also play interactively!

[Short Films]
Take 10s~60s short films! You can change your music freely and enjoy the filter and makeup at the same time


[Detailed Color Expressions]
It works great if you just want to change one color! Create the single color image with DSL.
[True Image]
We support vertical and horizontal correction. It is also suitable when you want to edit photos of buildings! Try it to create vertical and balanced images.

[Color Adjustments]
13 basic parameters including saturation level, exposure, shading, shadow, layers, color temperature, color gamut, etc.

[Mix Filters]
More than 300 filters can be used partially for images. Use your imagination.

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