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UC Browser Safe Fast Private

UC Browser is a fast, intelligent and secure web browser. It is designed for an easy and excellent browsing experience. With its unique self-developed U4 engine and video player, UC Browser can give you a seamless experience no matter if you browse, visit websites, download files, or watch videos.

★Enhanced Web Browsing Experience: The latest version uses the unique self-developed U4 engine resulting in a 20% improvement in web connectivity, standard support, video viewing experience, personal information security, stability, and storage management compared to our previous versions.
★Fast download: Our servers speed up and install downloads. In the event of any interruption or interruption, UC Browser may continue to download from the breakpoint. Downloading videos in the UC browser takes less time. You can even enjoy the pleasure of watching incomplete videos without waiting for the download to complete.
★Small Window Mode: Small window mode allows you to move the video window away from the web page, hanging it at the top of the screen, while you expect to chat with friends, shop online, or engage in other activities without interrupting the video display.
★Background video playback: Background videos can be easily played with a single click. You can enjoy listening to videos when you do other things with your phone.
★Data Saving: UC Browser compresses data, speeds up browsing, and helps you save a lot of cellular traffic. The more you browse, the more data you can save using the UC browser.
★Ad blocking: The ad blocking feature blocks various forms of ads that affect your browsing experience. It helps you visit web pages without advertising on your Android devices.
★Smooth video playback: Thanks to its self-developed video player and unique technology, UC Browser gives you an excellent video playback experience.
★Incognito mode: Browse without leaving any history, cookies, cache, etc. Incognito mode makes your browsing and viewing experience completely private and confidential.
★Facebook Mode: This unique feature speeds up Facebook regardless of your network status. UC Browser always finds a way to increase the speed of your network.
★Night Mode: Switch to Night Mode in the UC browser to read more comfortably at night.

About UCWeb
Editor’s Choice 2018 - OPPO App Store
Gold Mi Award 2018 - Xiaomi App Store
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UCBrowser
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UCBrowser
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ucwebvideo

For help & feedback, please contact our help center http://url.cn/42kuL5f (open in UC).

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