How to Fix Your iPad Screen

 If you have an Apple iPad, then you surely know that this iPad is not cheap and its screen is not repairable either. You may be surprised to read that Apple's one-year warranty does not cover accidental damage. If your screen is badly cracked, prepare to blow up your credit card. Here are some important things to read and know about Apple iPad screen repair.

Let Apple fix it

Apple users have the AppleCare feature and if you have that luxury at your disposal, you can replace your iPad screen quite cheaply. AppleCare is an Apple service that you can use for two years for $99. Covers two accidental damages to your Apple device for a $49 service fee. If you don't have AppleCare, replacing your iPad screen will cost between $199 and $599, depending on your iPad model. If you can't get to Apple, you can mail in your device.

Let a third party fix the problem

You also have other options available to fix your iPad screen. For example, you can go to any iPad repair shop to replace the damaged screen. The downside of choosing a non-Apple repair shop is that it will void your iPad warranty. But if the warranty has expired, go to these stores and fix the screen problem. Make sure the store has quality parts and is experienced in repairing equipment. So instead of "selling your iPad", you can sign up to the repair shop and fix your iPad screen.

not diy

It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to repair the screen or any part of your device yourself unless you have the knowledge and experience to repair Apple products. And if you really want to or are trying to fix the screen yourself, remember to buy a touch screen replacement kit first. It will cost you between $30 and $400. Therefore, you must first spend a few euros to repair the screen yourself.

deal with it

If you are short on money or just don't want to go to the shop, you can protect your screen with a glass film. But the protection only helps if your iPad screen has minor cracks. It doesn't look great, but at least it protects your iPad's screen from further damage.


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