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 The "Sahel" app is a unified government app for e-services for various government agencies, through which citizens and residents perform services and transactions easier, faster, and more effectively, according to distinguished quality standards, to provide a new experience for completing government transactions.

Sahel is a one-stop shop and unified government channel to receive notifications and announcements from all government entities. It provides citizens and residents with unified access to all government services and contributes to improved electronic service delivery.

Services provided by the "Sahel" application:
• Data: The service allows you to identify the status of the relationship of (citizen/resident) with the government entity through official documents, its status and expiration dates.
• Services: The ability to request services provided by government agencies to the public, through which they can complete their transactions
• Notifications: Alert messages or reminders from government agencies to the public expressing the status and status of the service provided.
• Appointments: Book government appointments through the app, through the Matta platform.
• Advertising: Display the announcements of government agencies, through which their services, news, and everything that citizens and residents need are provided.

Application goals:-
• Rapid performance and improvement of government agency services
• Simplify procedures and facilitate citizens and residents
• Reduce the number of auditors in government agencies
Facilitation of Government Transactions through Electronic Applications
• Link all services of government agencies and institutions through an electronic application
• Time and cost savings for citizens in conducting their government transactions
• Eliminate bureaucracy and reduce the document cycle.
• Promoting integrity and transparency through digital transformation
• A starting point for achieving digital transformation in the State of Kuwait

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