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Make WhatsApp stickers more powerful
Explore and save the decades of your WhatsApp chat (it requires storage permission to access decals from WhatsApp)
- Create your own stickers with our incredible editor of stickers with motifs, emojis, text effects and more

Creating your posters is easy through our label study: Select an image, add decorations or text, keep them and add to WhatsApp.

 Top features in Sticker Creator for WhatsApp
🗄️ Organise your WhatsApp stickers
🎥 Create animated WhatsApp stickers from GIFs and videos
✂️ Erase image background with free hand crop and background eraser tool
👌 Add text to stickers with custom fonts and colors
🤪 Funny decorations like beards, spectacles, hats & more
🥡 Create any number of sticker packs. Maximum 30 stickers in one pack
🤖 Easy to use sticker editing app with photo editor
👻 Make fun of your friends with sticker meme generator

How to use the manufacturer of WhatsApp stickers
1. Use a new creation button and choose an image of the camera, exhibition or files (camera storage permits and photography)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
2. Once you choose the image, you can make stories, rotate or heart if necessary. Use a square harvest and select the complete image if necessary. Click the crops when finished
3. To delete the bottom of the image, click on the draft. Touch and transfer the delighted as necessary and then click Save
4. Use the move tool to move the image or change its size
5. To add funny elements such as glasses, beard and hats, click on the decorations
6. Use the text option to write anything on the label. Change the line or color to look good
7. Add Emoji to the poster of the emojis page
8. With the brush tool, you can draw anything on the label
9. Use background buttons or resale if they are made of errors
10. Click Save when the design ends
11. Click the PLUS + button to add more stickers to the sticker package. Choose a name to package and click Save
12. Add this personal stickers package to WhatsApp with a button to add whatsapp.

Delete ads choosing a premium
To delete all advertisements from the developers of the application and support, click Crown Code or delete the menu ads and choose to get Premium.

Create WhatsApp stickers
Sticky Maker is integrated with WhatsApp and can add its stickers in the WhatsApp Deches section. Create your WhatsApp dads collection today with our WhatsApp Decaal Editor. You can also share the complete WhatsApp Stickers package with your friends using the shared icon. Supported by sectarianism.

Celebrate every occasion with the creator of sticks
It works in each feeling, event and language:
- Happy birthday & anniversary sticker maker
- Text and custom font stickers
- Brazilian stickers with Portuguese text
- Indonesian custom stickers
- Malayalam & Hindi stickers
- Love & dialogue stickers
- Animated stickers for WhatsApp
- You can organize the received WhatsApp stickers into packs

Note: The content created by users who use this application is stored on their own phones and cannot be displayed, managed or eliminated. Users are responsible for the content they created themselves.
Responsibility: This application is not related to WhatsApp Inc. In any case, it is developed and maintained by a third party.
DMCA policy: visit to show our DMCA policy or to make a notice.
Support: Contact us via if you face any problem

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