Sniper of Duty:Sexy Agent Spy

 Sniper Of Duty is a brand new version of the first-person FPS sniper game. In the game, you play as a hundred-shot sniper, accept mysterious missions, eliminate the evil in the city, protect the weak and eventually become an admirable sniper!


* Determine the goal based on the task

* Be patient and observe carefully

* Lock the target and kill with one hit

* Get rewards, buy weapons

* Complete missions and power up weapons

Game features

*BGM is fast and cheerful, seize the fleeting opportunity and feel the real sniper.

* Intimate humanized design, GPS positioning function to understand the target location easily

* Multi-element levels, solve puzzles, puzzles, find bugs, everything, full of fun

* Create a sniper mode for indirect killing, make full use of the scene props to achieve the target of killing, let the sniper aim at more than the target person

* Humorous and humorous task content, integrate daily life into the level and realize the fun of the game

* Highly restore the true appearance of weapons, a variety of well-known powerful weapons to choose from, satisfy your desire to collect

Only one chance, you have to fight for glory! Hold your breath and calmly observe...quietly wait for the prey to arrive!

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