7 Ways To Make Money From Minecraft

 Think you can't earn money playing your fave video game? Ever been told that all those hours spent on Minecraft was a waste of time? Well think again, suddenly you too may be generating money from home. But how I hear you question, how is it possible to generate money with Minecraft? Well read on because you're going to uncover seven easy methods to make money on Fiverr.com (and amaze your pals at the same time) (and impress your friends at the same time.)

Firstly let's take a minute to analyze the web site, Fiverr.com. Fiverr.com is an online marketplace where individuals undertake any number of strange activities or "micro-jobs" in return for payment of a stunning $5. Users may volunteer to distribute 100 fliers on 100 automobiles, or create a corporate logo, or record a personalized message while emulating the voice of a "Star Wars" character. The sheer scale and range of offered jobs will astound anybody who isn't aware with the site, and on your first visit, you may reasonably ask how on earth you can obtain all this "stuff" for only five bucks.

While some performances have an opening charge of $5, the most popular and well-reviewed one's are making considerably more every gig. For example you need a job done in 24 hours add $10, you want more detail in an illustration add $15, give out extra 200 flyers add $20 and so on. Now a job that was once five dollars in price might make the vendor much, much more.

Like any online sites Fiverr.com has specific terms and conditions that need to be obeyed to safeguard both buyer and seller. At the present the site is accessible to anybody aged 13 and over, isn't confined to any specific country and doesn't allow any violent, spam or illegal kind concerts. Other than that, anybody may offer their abilities and services there. So what can you provide on this website? Here's eight options to get started with...


Are you often sketching scenes from Minecraft? Got a fantastic scenario of Herobrine and Steve in combat? Well if you've got the skill you can earn money from it. A short stroll around Fiverr.com using the search word "Minecraft" and you'll discover dozens of artists willing to sketch scenarios in return for money.

Recreate Images In Minecraft

If art isn't for you, maybe you're one of those folks that enjoys replicating real world situations in Minecraft. Are you able to create the Statue Of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, or a 747 airplane? Then you might also generate money from this ability. With this job, buyers give a snapshot of a real world scenario and you replicate it in Minecraft, easy.

Video Banners

If you've seen any Minecraft videos on YouTube, you'll know the greatest ones usually have a banner, logo, or fixed picture on them. They have to come from somewhere, so why not from you? If you find image editing software like "Gimp" or "Photoshop" a breeze to use, you may offer a service designing opening or closing credit banners for a charge. Do it well and you might find yourself extremely busy, very fast.

Minecraft Servers

Do you know how to set up a Minecraft server? Could you do it all day and even in your sleep? Well you could give such service for a fee. Just because you find it easy, doesn't imply everyone else does. So why not be compensated for your expertise? You may offer a service assisting other gamers set up and manage their servers.


Are you one of those folks who enjoys crafting short movies using Mine-imator? You might provide your services for a charge. With this assignment you may either offer to develop a unique one off short animation for a client, or (even better) sell the same film over and over again and earn money off of it. With this feature you may give several options of the same video. In one you may alter the soundtrack, in another add your customer's domain name on it, make it shorter or longer or many other possibilities to make each movie unique. And of course each alteration comes with a price tag.

Minecraft Skins

Do you find it simple to produce Minecraft skins, then why not earn money from it? Simply provide a gig where your clients supply an image, sample or concept of what they're searching for and you make it. To view examples of this, search Fiverr.com with the search phrase "Minecraft Skin."

Minecraft Parties

Do you or your Mum know how to produce the best Minecraft party meal or birthday cake? Could you produce Minecraft birthday invites better than your local store? Then maybe it's time to put that information to good use. You may deliver this material as a paper, print out, or series of videos that you could sell again and over again. Heck with so many Minecraft parties out there, you might offer your baked goods for sale at parties in your neighborhood.

As you've seen with a little of thought and effort it's feasible to generate money with Minecraft. Are these the only methods to generate money, absolutely not? Once you've spent a little time on Fiverr.com you'll undoubtedly come up with more ideas and services that we didn't thought of.

Will you be able to retire to the sort of house Notch has, probably not? With anything it relies on how excellent a service you give, your reviews and how many people are seeking for what you have to offer. But try you best, don't give up and you too may have a great paycheck pouring in all from your passion of Minecraft. Now who said playing video games was a waste of time.

Please Note - Mojang now takes their copyright infringement more seriously than ever before. Just to remain on the right side of their attorneys, is recommended to check through their terms and conditions before creating any gigs initially.


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