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Samsung Music

※ Android 11 (Single Ui 3) Abgard
- The Samsung Music app needs to be updated to the latest version. (The music file may not be displayed or available for app use.)
- Samsung music playlist and Android MediaProvider playlist will be separated due to android 11's enhanced security. To import or export playlists, you can use the playlist import/export feature provided in Settings.
- The queue will be reset due to system changes.
- Some music files (e.g. recorded files) that were previously hidden may be displayed. In this case, you can hide the folder that contains the files that you want to hide by using the Hide Folder feature. (Folder tab > More button (3 points) > Hide Folder)

Samsung Music is optimized for Samsung Android devices and provides a powerful music playback feature and the best user interface.

Main features

1. Support playback of various audio formats like MP3, AAC and FLAC.
(Supported file formats may vary by device.)
2. It helps to effectively manage playlists by categories. (Track, album, artist, genre, folder, composer)
3. Support a new user experience that easily interacts with samsung smart devices like tablets, TVs (DLNA and screen mirroring) and portable devices.
4. Provide a clean and intuitive user interface.
5. Samsung Music shows a recommendation for Spotify playlists. You can find the Spotify recommendation music by the Spotify tab and search for the Spotify music that you will like.
(The Spotify tab is only available in countries where Spotify is in service.)

What is FLAC?
FLAC is an audio encoding format similar to MP3 and AAC, but lossless, which means that the audio is compressed into FLAC without any quality loss.

Required application permissions ***
Mandatory permission is required below for the basic features of Samsung Music.
Even if the optional permission is denied, the basic features can work properly.

[Mandatory Permission]
1. STORAGE permission :
- Allows the player to write,modify,delete to SD card.
- Allows the player to read data from SD card.

[Optional Permission]
2. MICROPHONE permission : Galaxy S4, Note3, Note4 only
- Allows to control the player with voice commands which are listening, not recording.

3. PHONE permission : Korean devices only.
- Verify your phone when using the music service.

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