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Radio FM (Radio for Mobile) is an application for playing Internet radio stations and podcasts. FM Radio allows you to listen to radio and podcasts and enjoy a variety of genres such as classical, rock, pop, machine, hip-hop, gospel, songs, music, conversations, news, comedy, shows, concerts and other variety of programs offered by various Internet radio stations and podcasts worldwide.
Listen to the famous podcast and download it with more than 18 categories and more than 100 languages
Popular genres such as fashion, news and politics, education, motivation and many more
Access to over 180,000+ postcasts and 20 million+ episodes

♥ FM radio fully compatible with Android Auto, Google Chromecast, Android TV / Android Watch / portable devices
FM Radio is the only app in the Play Store that offers a true radio experience with the best features tuned in for free
♥ Add to favorites (favorites list)
♥ Access to the latest menu and top of Rado, padcast
♥ ⏳Sleep Timer (Auto Power Off) • Listen to your favorite radio and podcas while going to bed, without worrying about your mobile data exhaustion • Set the sleep timer in the FM Radio app and the app will do the rest for you. The radio will turn off automatically the moment you set it up
♥ ⏰Alarm clock (autoplay) • Set alarm for your favorite radio • It will wake you up at alarm time and automatically listen to the radio, so you never miss your next newsletter, talk show, DJ music or RJ show you like
♥ Add a shortcut on the mobile home screen to quickly tune into the online radio station
♥ User-friendly and simple radio interface
♥ Enjoy and download popular podcasts
♥ Enjoy your favorite radios and podcasts without headphones.
♥ Quick switching/navigation between favorites list and countries list and recent lists
♥ Modern design for station list display
♥ Full radio player to view address information about the station currently set to full-screen mode
♥ Quick notification control to stop/start radio transmission from the home screen
♥ Quick access to the radio from
• List of countries (choose country and touch radio station)
• Favorites menu (just select the radio station)
• Last menu (just open the last menu and choose the radio station) •
Access podcasts by different categories
• Shortcut on the mobile home screen
• Find the radio and Podcas and select adjust
• Option to automatically adjust each time you open the app
♥ Suggested station function to set on a local radio station or any other radio station in any city, state or country
♥ Easy feedback in the app so our team can add more features
♥ Radio stations continue to add their radio stations to the FM radio platform by
So listen to new radio channels every time you use our app.
• We already have more than 50,000 radio stations worldwide
- Be it Kral pop, Super FM 90.8 from Turkey
- Radio Sei, 98.1 FM, 104.5 FM, Tele Stereo 92.7 FM, Centro Suono Sport 101.5 FM, 105 network, RDS from Italy
- Virtual DJ, WIXX, ElectricFM, 1.FM Country One, DEFJAY, MOVIN, WOGK, KJLH, WPOZ, KEXP, KCRW from USA
- Europe 1 104.7 FM, NRJ, Skyrock 96.0 FM, Fun Radio, RMC, RTL2 from France - BBC, Capital XTRA from UK

Listen to popular pocasts like global news podcasts, TED talks, talk shows, Fox News, Ryan Rossello podcast, Wild Things, the Joe Rogan experience and many more.

• You still can't find what you're looking for, use the suggestions feature. Our team will try to add all the new stations to you, so you don't miss your favorites.

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FM Radio is a reliable radio application of 60 million users worldwide. We promise with our users to provide the best operational quality and prosperity to make it better every day.

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