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IELTS Exam Preparation

Since the 60s, organizations have used the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers who wish to immigrate or enroll in English-speaking universities. IELTS Exam Preparation is an app that covers the most important words used for a real IELTS exam. The list of words has been carefully selected by language experts, and if mastered, the chances of passing the IELTS exam are very high.

Each of the 5,000+ IELTS vocabulary comes with full definition, sample usage, phonetic/phonetic pronunciation and more details as stated in the Oxford Dictionary. You can learn these words and take language tests to see how well you understand them. You will learn words faster as the IELTS preparation app uses different types of tests to make learning interactive. It includes IELTS listening exercises and helps you practice IELTS reading, IELTS writing and spoken IELTS.

Main features:
✔ IELTS vocabulary with more than 5,000 words. This app contains vocabulary containing over 5,000 words used in the IELTS test. They are strictly divided into 4 different categories to study and handle easily (new word, new learning word, study words, not remembering a word).
✔ Learn words easily. Every word in the IELTS dictionary can be easily learned. Tap each word to hear how it is pronounced and also read a detailed description. Once you are ready to start learning it, you will need to write it down 4 times. In the first 3 times you will have suggestions (autocomplete), but the last time you will need to write them correctly so that they are marked as learned.
✔ Test your vocabulary. To conduct an effective study, you will need to test the newly learned words. There4 different types of tests you can take: write/choose a word based on the description provided, choose a description that matches a word, use mixed letters to create a word based on a description, and finally listen to the word and type it in. These tests partially mimic the actual IELTS test.
✔ Word training. You can also practice a variety of words to see how well you master them. The difference between training and testing is that during training you won't be "punished" if you get some wrong answers. This allows you to practice the words for the actual IELTS exam without any pressure.
✔ New daily words. The only way to really learn is to persevere! The app helps you learn every day throughIt teaches you some new words. It will also display an instant notification to remind you that it's time to study. You can change the number of new daily words displayed in the app settings. For additional help, you can enable an online spell checker to review words as you type them in.
✔ Randomised trials. From time to time (randomly) the app will ask you some questions to check your knowledge of vocabulary. These randomized language tests are a great quick study method to remember what you've learned.

IELTS test preparation is an essential app for those who wish to pass the IELTS exam. It also allows you to customize vocabulary word definitions by choosing a primary definition from existing definitions. This IELTS preparation is perfect, so the daily intake of vocabulary words will help you learn faster and prepare for the final exam.

With the help of this educational app, you can adjust your IELTS listening and reading skills or progress from the beginning to an English expert. We are committed to helping you learn and prepare for the IELTS exam, so any feedback is appreciated in the comments below!

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