Nox Security, Antivirus, Clean APK for Android

 Nox Security, Antivirus, Clean

⭐Nox Security is a security and antivirus application⭐that provides virus cleaner, junk mail cleaner, memory booster, Applock, notification blocker, CPU cooler, message security, battery saving, and WiFi security for Android devices.

【Highlights of NOx Security】

✨Virus Cleaner: Provide complete protection for your mobile phone

🚀Junk Clean Master: Free Up and Get More Storage Space

🧹Memory booster: For a faster, lighter smartphone

🔐App Lock: Protect personal apps and protect privacy

🔕Notification Blocker: Block annoying and useless notifications

🌡️One-click CPU cooler: Protect your device from overheating

📲Message Security Master: Preventing others from peek at your privacy

🧐WiFi Security: Protect your device from any network attacks

🔋 Battery Saver Master: Stop draining power in apps with just one click

✨NOx Security, Master Security Provide Strong Antivirus Services

Nitrogen oxides can defend against mobile phone viruses, spyware and online scams. Virus Cleaner can help you scan and clean mobile viruses as well as protect your private files by making your phone more secure. Try the antivirus feature for nitrogen oxides!

🚀Free up more storage space with Junk Mail Cleaner and Maximum Memory Booster

With Nox Security max cleaner, you can clean junk files including system cache, application cache, and remaining files. You can also manage and uninstall apps that are rarely used to make maximum use of your phone's storage space. Our powerful memory booster can help improve your phone's speed and help you get a lighter and faster phone.

🔐Protect apps and protect privacy with Smart App Lock

Nox can lock all Android apps and give protection to your phone's privacy. You can only open protected apps using a pattern lock, password, or fingerprint. You can use Nox Security App Lock to lock your own apps to stay away from being opened or viewed by others.

🔕Block unwanted notifications, stay away from spam

The security of nitrogen oxides provides a powerful and effective notification blocker. You can use the notification blocker to avoid unwanted notifications. Prevent spam from jamming your phone and slow it down by blacklisting apps. It will keep your phone from getting annoyed and make the notification bar clean.

⏰Strong Security Master - Real-time protection ensures security

Nox Security not only provides basic antivirus features, but can also protect your device in real time. Get an alert to avoid virus applications while enabling real-time protection.

🧐WiFi Security, Defense Attacks and Internet Security Verification

Nox can protect your device safe from any attacks on the network. WiFi security will help check if the WiFi network you're connected to is secure. It will also protect your personal information when you browse the Internet.

📲Message Security and Privacy Protection with Nex Security

Are you worried about your own message that others are urinating? With Nox Security's message security, you can prevent others from peek at the notification preview. Use NOx security, clean mobile viruses, and protect your privacy.

🔋Turn off energy-draining apps with the Smart Battery Saver Switch

With maximum battery saving, Nox Security can help you close inactive apps running in the background. It's the simplest way to keep your battery healthy by turning off energy-consuming apps and monitoring battery status and usage.

📋 【NOx Security Notes】

Nox Security will keep your information secure and not share it with anyone else through our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Accessibility Service: We require accessibility to provide a deep cleaning service and promise not to use permission to read any of your privacy information or change your settings.

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