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 ibis Paint X

ibis Paint X is a popular and versatile drawing app downloaded more than 200 million times in total as a series, which provides more than 15,000 brushes, more than 7,600 materials, more than 1,000 fonts, 80 filters, 46 screen tones, 27 blending modes, recording drawing operations, stroke stabilization feature, various ruler features such as radial line rulers or symmetry rulers, and cutting mask features.

*YouTube Channel

Many educational videos on ibis Paint are uploaded to our YouTube channel.

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* Concept/Features

- High functional and professional features that surpass those of desktop drawing applications.

- Smooth and comfortable drawing experience achieved through OpenGL technology.

- Record your drawing process as a video.

- SNS feature where you can learn drawing techniques from drawing process videos for other users.

* Features

ibis Paint has high functionality as a drawing app along with features for sharing drawing operations with other users.

[Brush Features]

- Smooth drawing at speeds of up to 60 frames per second.

- More than 15,000 types of brushes including dipping pens, felt tip pens, digital pens, air brushes, fan brushes, flat brushes, pencils, oil brushes, charcoal brushes, crayons and stamps.

- Various brush parameters such as start/end thickness, start/end opacity, and primary/final brush angle.

- Quick sliders allow you to quickly adjust the thickness and opacity of the brush.

- Real-time brush previews.

[Layer Features]

- You can add layers as much as you need without limits.

- Layer parameters that can be adjusted to each layer separately such as layer opacity, alpha mixing, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

- Useful cut feature for cropping photos, etc.

- Different layer commands such as layer duplicate, import from photo library, horizontal reflection, vertical reflection, layer rotation, layer panning, zoom in/out.

- Feature for setting layer names to distinguish different layers.

*About ibis Bennett Purchase Plan

The following purchase plans are available for ibis Bennett:

- ibis PaintX (free version)

- ibis Bent (paid version)

- Remove add-on ads

- Prime membership (monthly plan/annual plan)

There is no difference in features other than the presence or absence of ads for the paid version and the free version.

If you purchase the "Remove ads" add-on, the ads won't show and there's no difference from the paid version of ibis Paint.

In order to use more advanced functions, the following Prime membership contracts (monthly plan/annual plan) are required.

[Main Membership]

The main member can use the main features. You can try it for free for 30 days at the time of your first purchase. The main member can use the following features and services

- 20GB of cloud storage

- Main materials

- Prime Canvas Sheets

- Main lines

- Tone curve filter

- Gradient map filter

- Adjust levels filter

- Replace color filter

- Cloud filter

- Rearrange artwork in my gallery

- No ads displayed

* After you become a master member with the 30-day free trial, if you do not cancel your "Main Membership" at least 24 hours before the last day of the free trial period, renew your Prime Membership automatically and you will be charged for automatic renewal.

* We will add premium features in the future, please look for them.

*On data collection

- Only when you use or will use SonarPen, the app collects an audio signal from the microphone. The collected data is only used to communicate with SonarPen, and is not saved or sent anywhere.

* Questions and support

Questions and error reports in the reviews will not be answered, so please contact ibis Paint support.


*Ibis Bennett Terms of Service



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